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 From childhood I learned about God by observing His creation. Although my parents had a respect for God, I was not raised in a Christian home. Since I can remember, somewhere inside me, I knew that God existed and that He had created this beautiful planet. As I played, and explored the mountains and valleys of West Virginia, I realized that He created the creeks, the rivers, the rocks, and the trees. He painted the sky blue and placed white fluffy clouds in them, and He caused the sun to rise and set, and created the moon, and the vast expanse of stars that came out at night.

 As I grew older and went to school, I learned through textbooks and teachers how the clouds form, what makes the sunrise and set, and what causes the seasons to change. This did not hinder my faith in God; on the contrary, it gave me insight on how God performed these marvelous works. Much in the same way, God can give us insight through the scriptures on how He operates in Heaven, here in the Earth, and how He wants to relate to us, the body of Christ, "His children."

 The only way we can get an accurate picture of the nature of God is through His word. The Bible is a God-given account of how He has dealt with mankind from creation, to the point of being joined with Him in eternity future. He wants us to understand, here and now, how He operates, and how we as believers fit into His wonderful plan. He wants to reveal himself to us, but only inside the bounds of His holy word, which was penned by holy men of old, as the Spirit of God inspired them.

                                       Chapter 7 


  In order to comprehend the rules that govern the spiritual realm, a foundation must be laid to support the precepts that are put forth. The previous chapters are the foundation of this book, and that foundation is taken from the bible, the word of God. Jesus stated in John 17:17 as he prayed to the Father: "Sanctify them {his disciples} through thy truth, thy word is truth." 

 Webster’s dictionary defines truth as: Conformity to fact or reality, integrity, constancy, exactness, reality, verified fact. Any kingdom, government, organization, doctrine, system, or idea that is not based upon truth is doomed to failure. The very laws of truth will turn against you if you operate outside of its borders. For example, it would be futile to try to sink an inflated beach ball to the bottom of a swimming pool. The principle operating in that situation would be that air is lighter than water, and the water would constantly force the air in the ball to rise to the surface. Much in the same way, anything that is established on falsehood or an untruth will eventually be exposed and brought to the surface by the truth.

                                                                Chapter 10

 Webster’s dictionary defines the word principle as: cause or origin; a general truth; a fundamental law; a rule of action. My personal definition of a principle in the context of this book is: A rule of action that activates a law that governs a particular force. Let me explain. Spiritual laws and forces have great potential in our lives, but until they are activated, they won’t be of much use to us. Just as a car cannot be used until the proper key is inserted and turned in the ignition, so is a principle to the realm of laws and forces. Until a principle is acted upon, the laws and forces that we need to work in our lives will just lie dormant. I don’t care how much you beg, how badly you need something, or how many good things you’ve done in your community, if you don’t act upon the principle that will unlock laws and forces that will work on your behalf, you will be wasting your time. Turn the key in the ignition; ACT upon the principle.

 A principle is a rule of action that activates a law which implements a particular force to go to work on your behalf. Study this previous statement for a moment. That statement is the key or the foundation for every self-help book, motivational message, or graduating class’s valedictory address in existence. " Persistence will cause you to overcome every obstacle in life"… "Be friendly and ye shall have many friends"… "Be a giver and life shall give back to you… etc." Few people realize that if there is a principle for success found in any book or speech, whether gleaned from experience or through word of mouth, its origin is found in the word of God.